The New Zealand Analytics Forum is a community of professionals who apply analytics to solve business problems. We explore what best practice looks like across different industries, and seek to have a positive influence in New Zealand. We formed in 2013 and gather together on a regular basis. Our regular events are open for anyone to attend.

Events for your Calendar


  • Auckland Tuesday 13 Sept 2016: Unstructured Data @ the Air New Zealand Customer Innovation and Collaboration Centre, 104 Beaumont Street, 2:30-6pm, bookings essential. Our speakers, from Air New Zealand, Text Ferret, Mindhive and TRA will take us on a journey through analysing many different forms of unstructured data from image and audio processing to dealing with the vast amounts of social network data. Kindly sponsored by Air New Zealand and TRA.

What is Analytics?

Analytics is the application of modelling, optimization, and data analysis for fact-based decision making. Analytics includes both a complete business problem solving and decision making process, and a broad set of methodologies that enable the creation of business value.

Analytics forms a common umbrella that includes mathematical and data modelling activities undertaken in NZ by, amongst others, NZ Data Futures Partnership, the Operations Research Society of NZ, the New Zealand Statistical Association and the Institute of IT Professionals NZ (formerly the NZ Computer Society). Analytics is also supported internationally by INFORMS. Definitions on this page come from the INFORMS Analytics Section.

Descriptive analytics focuses on analysing historical data to identify patterns from samples for reporting of trends. Predictive analytics predicts future probabilities and trends, and finds relationships in data that may not be readily apparent. Prescriptive analytics evaluates and determines new ways to operate by targeting business objectives and satisfying constraints.

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