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www.affinityid.co.nzWe are: Customer science, strategy and marketing automation experts.
We live and breathe customer data: big, small or transactional. We interrogate it, turn it upside down, and apply strategic insight, creative wizardry and marketing automation to drive significant, reportable outcomes for our customers.
Clients include: Progressive Enterprises; Westpac; Max; ACC; AUT; VisaAnalytics Offerings:

  • Predictive modelling – churn, credit rating, marketing responsiveness, acquisition and cross sell
  • Customer Segmentation – behavioural and attitudinal
  • Product analysis – loyalty, substitutability, clustering, price elasticity
  • Market share/share of wallet
  • Profitability and ROI
  • Research design and analysis
  • Marketing campaign targeting and post campaign analysis
  • Data visualization
  • Knowledge discovery

Analytics Forum Members: 

  • Geoff Cooper, Co-Founder and Director
  • Angela Day, Co-Founder and Director
  • Lou Kivell, Head of Insights
  • Sammie Jia, Statistician
  • Jeanene Potgieter, Senior Customer Insights Analyst
  • Gloria Sun, Customer Insights Analyst
www.antuit.comWe are: We have set up Antuit to work with smart, prudent and performance-oriented managers who are eager to push the boundaries on leveraging the higher quantity and more diversity of data available to solve simple and complex business problems.
Our firm belief is that the availability of right, timely, and well-analyzed data has to fit into your decision-making process and budgets. Undoubtedly, Big Data with all its ubiquity and diversity will push you to make better and faster decisions. Your work processes and decision-making also will evolve to take advantage of the opportunities offered by more, new and a variety of data. Your challenge will be to navigate from how you work with data and make decisions today to how you will need to do it in 3-5 years. This is where Antuit comes in as your thought and execution partners.
At Antuit, we are deeply committed to two causes. First, we want to provide you all the data engineering and analytical support you need to achieve your current business goals. Our approach will be to understand your ‘intuitions’, hypotheses and ideas to address your data and analytics-oriented challenges and quickly bridge the gaps as your decision-support and execution partner. Second, we want to be your “capability-building” partner as you look to absorb and exploit the availability of Big (and new) Data and develop incisive analytics-driven decision-making processes.
Our style of working will be centered around our core values, which are about being Partner-Like, Rigorous, Plugged-In and Prudent.Analytics Offerings:

  • Supply Chain Optimisation
  • S&OP Planning
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Marketing and customer analytics
  • Visualisation

Analytics Forum Members:

Sivakumar Lakshmanan, Business Head Australia and New Zealand

http://www.fonterra.com/nz/enWe are: Fonterra is the world’s largest exporter of dairy products, selling 2.5 million metric tonnes of dairy products and earning approximately $20 billion in revenue per year. The majority of these products originate from 22 billion litres of raw milk on New Zealand farms, and these are exported globally.
Fonterra recognises advanced analytics as a competitive advantage in the global dairy industry. In order to maximize both the value created from milk and shareholder returns, Fonterra needs to employ a combination of descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics.  As part of our focus on analytics, we sponsored the launch of the New Zealand Analytics Forum in 2013.Analytics Offerings:We have developed a range of models to support decisions, including milk collection, product mix and asset investment. We’re happy to share what we learn with other like-minded organisations.Analytics Needs:We’re always looking to improve our capability to manage value chains, including the modelling of uncertainty, environmental impact, resource management and pricing.Analytics Forum Members:

  • Kevin Ross, Chief Scientist Optimisation Modelling;
  • Caillor Woon, Group Optimisation Analyst
  • Kim Frew, Group Optimisation Analyst
  • Richard Allen, General Manager Group Optimisation

We are: Hearne is a major distributor and developer of technical software in Australia and New Zealand. Our software partners include Oracle, IBM, Intel, PTC, OriginLab, and CSIRO. We sell, support and train in the use of the major programs which we distribute, as well as a range of consulting services related to our programs. We are adept in the areas of engineering mathematics, risk management, online surveys, optimisation and commercialisation of research software.Analytics Offerings:SPSS, Mathcad, Mathematica, ModelRisk, Crystal Ball, EViews, Origin, Remark Office OMR

Analytics Needs:

We are always interested in hearing stories from analytics professionals using our software.

Analytics Forum Members:

Glen Irving Sales & Support – Key Accounts

www.incremental.co.nzWe are: We’re a consultancy that specialises in analytics and decision support.  We like taking the time to understand difficult problems and to solve them properly.  We’re good at working with clients to figure out what they need, and taking them through the steps to implementing a solution.  We have a lot of experience working with real-world data and we know how to clean it, make sense of it and make decisions with it.Analytics Offerings:

We’ve worked on a broad range of projects – from optimal routing for rowing boats to fibre network layout, but the majority of our work has been in planning and decision support.  We’ve got good experience and toolsets in production, inventory and transport planning.
Outputs from our work range from advice and reports and spreadsheets to software.  We’ve worked with a wide range of analytics environments and programming languages and work with clients to work out what’s the best way to deliver solutions.

Analytics Forum Members:

Geoff Leyland

We are: Harmonic Analytics is a leading data science company based in New Zealand. We work with global partners and clients. With a focus on integrity, we offer both analytics services and ongoing software solutions. Since no two businesses are the same, our solutions are tailor-made.
Data science is becoming increasingly important. Business leaders, managers and operational staff are looking for actionable insights from concise and reliable information. Our analytical expertise and our ability to design tailor-made decision making tools, gives you invaluable insights about your business.
We work with a range of clients including: Spark New Zealand, Transpower New Zealand, Wellington City Council, BCITO , Beef and Lamb New Zealand, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, Airways, Oracle and NEC.
We use a range of analytical techniques to reveal new and valuable insights about your business – for example, the discovery of trends and patterns in your data. We then focus on translating the results into useful and actionable information.
Analytics Offerings:

1. Analytics Services: From expert advice to data quality assessment and advanced data analysis

Analytics Techniques include:
  a. Statistical analysis
  b. Data Mining and Machine Learning
  c. Dynamic visualisation
  d. Operations Research Techniques
        i. Optimisation, queuing analysis and simulation
  e. Predictive Analytics
  f. Forecasting and Time Series Analysis techniques
  g. Social Network Analysis (SNA) e.g. for customer insights
2. Decision Support Tools – Software Development
  a. We build dynamic tools to generate graphs, alerts, maps and reports for easy information   sharing.

Analytics Forum Members:

Shirley Wu, Chief Operational Officer
Dr. Kristy Su, Chief Statistician
Dr. Lisa Chen, Chief Analytics Officer
Rachel Prendergast, Communications Manager

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